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Face Up Productions has the use of experienced professional staff who have been passing on their skills to generations of budding stars. Schools, colleges, youth groups, churches and drama groups have all benefited from training sessions. Book a workshop today!


Beginners Class :-
Explore physical acting & the use of sound through sin monsters & group statues. Play word games to develop the imagination. (All ages)
Intermediary Class :-
Explore physical acting & the use of sound. Play word games. Develop characterisation through the use of paralanguage & states of tension. (Ages 14+)
Master Class :-
Develop characterisation through the use of paralanguage & states of tension. Enhance improvisation skills, stage presence & emotional transfer.


The pen can be mightier than the sword if used with skill and confidence. Book a workshop of word play which includes The Furniture Game, Telegrams, Unusual Answers, Preferences & Prepositions. Learn about the fun you can have with Alliteration, Collective Nouns & Synonyms. Then create your own Riddles, Epitaphs & Communal Poems.

Juggling for Beginners

Fun for kids of all ages; learn the trick of juggling with more objects than you have hands. If you already know how - have you tried partnership juggling? Have a go with the clubs but leave the knives alone!

Jive Dancing

Strictly dancing has created millions of fans of dance. All able bodied souls will enjoy this form of jive dance where rock and roll meets soul and big band sound lends a hand to modern pop. The class can be split between raw beginners and the intermediaries with moves for all to learn. Just follow the step by step instruction to build a repertoire of moves. No need to bring a partner as it's a social swap around! Men lead with a smile; this is the time women have to follow your play.

Public Speaking

All of us could improve our ability to speak to a crowd, teaching a class or preaching. Yet there are few places to go to learn the craft and many are more interested in your theology than your presentation style. In Church it is difficult to get the right sort of feedback to know how to improve. A polite "thank you" is not enough and a critical member rarely helps you feel anything but a failure. Choosing a personal consultation or workshop for a group of leaders is a sensible way to enhance your abilities. Learn more about holding a congregation, occupying rather than visiting a space, delivery, projection & multi media. Becoming more aware of the forms of communication & how different people learn in different ways will add to your tools of the trade. A Face Up Productions Workshop combines years of experience on the stage and in the pulpit to help you create a safe space for professional development or exploring a gift.

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