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A Rich Man

If I were a rich man,
A rich man I would be.
I'd have all the wonderful things,
That this world could offer me.

But if I were a poor man,
I'd know just what to do.
I'd steal all the things from the rich man,
And then I would have them too!

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Black magic

So I read my stars there's no harm in that. It's a little bit of fun, I don't take it seriously.

So I had my fortune told, it's not a crime. It was a laugh that's all, I didn't believe it anyway.

So I've messed around with a Ouija board, everyone was doing it.
It's just a kid's game, I'm sure it was a trick.

So I had my tarot cards read, no harm in playing safe. We all wonder what the future holds.

So I meditate & chant it's the natural way of self help.
It relieves my tension & releases the inner being.

So I practise levitation it's how I achieve a new state of consciousness.

So I believe in Spiritism that's because I gave it a chance & found it true.

So I'm part of the local coven. Witches aren't monsters you know.

So I attend private meetings, that's no reason to suspect Satanism.
I'm a pillow of the community.

The Occult you can handle it!

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Looking around to see the sights,
Looking to experience the emotional heights.
Looking to steal whatever I need,
Looking to win on the number nine steed.
Looking to find what I've been searching for,
Looking to discover my most inner core.
Looking to fill my nights of emptiness,
Looking to deal with my own painfulness.
Looking for a God who doesn't say no,
Looking for a God that doesn't say go.
Looking at the sky for a sign,
Looking at puddles that speak of time.
Looking at parents that hold our their hand,
Looking at teenagers who openly stand.
Looking at futures that never come true,
Looking at pasts that remind me of you.
Looking at trees that tumble & fall,
Looking at seasons which make me feel small.
Looking at churches that feel me with dread,
Looking at people who seem half dead.
Looking for peace to fill up my days,
Looking at Jesus through my own sinful haze.
Looking at wonders that could be mine,
Looking at false dreams to fill up the time.
Looking & looking that's all I do,
When will I stop looking, looking for you.

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Men of God Please

Why oh why are there no men of God?
Our Church could really do with one.
We need a leader to take us on.
Someone who is good & strong.
A preacher, to bring us the word of God.
An evangelist that would make atheists nod.
Teaching would have to be right,
And full of God's glorious might.
When we come to worship our Lord,
We need a musician to play us a cord.
And when there is a problem we have to face,
He would be there to minister God's grace.

How long have we waited for a miracle or two?
Or a sign from God, which only a prophet can do.
We need a cleaner to polish a door,
And get out the mop for have you seen the floor?
He would have to be married & in the family way,
For you can never trust singles today.
And business wise he would have to be shrewd,
Because we all know what the past has proved.
To rake in the coppers or silver & gold,
He would have to be entertaining for his congregation to hold.
And to prove he was worthy of our support,
He would have to have a halo before we were bought.

So you see it isn't easy to find the right man.
All those capable please raise your right hand?
I wonder if we should look elsewhere?
To women perhaps, oh that wouldn't be fair.
To expect them to fill all these roles,
When they are chained to the sink or so we are told.
Perhaps we could all find a place?
Each appointed by God's divine grace.
Then a true family we'd be,
Each serving each other you see.
A body at last with Christ as out head,
Not relying on one man but God instead.

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Super Christian Ted

This is the story of Super Christian Ted
His only real problem was the size of his head.
You see praying so much he thought he was good.
The trouble was he never listened,
Though he knew that he should.

He read his bible & went to Church
But for non-Christians he never came off his perch.
He strutted around telling people what to do.
Saying, "Jesus loves us, you can follow him too."
But when things got dirty or a little improper
He would quickly leave encase he can a cropper.
You see he never really understood what Jesus had meant
When he mixed with the outcasts & those who dealings were bent.

To be a witness to the world,
Means you don't run away when the language gets soiled.
Ok so you don't become sinful as well,
But we have a message, the good news to tell.
So get your hands dirty come on Ted jump in.
It's God's job to deal with other people's sin.

Now Ted is a worker to the prostitute & gay,
Helping them all to find a new way.
He listens to drug addicts & thieves of the night
And speaks of how Jesus is the only true light.
So Ted's work goes on, putting his faith into action,
And people who meet him find a very strong attraction.
To the message he brings through his life as a whole,
To be a witness to Jesus is his one great goal.

The Train

The train is coming, yet I'm not ready.
The train is coming, but I don't know.
The train is coming, let's forget it.
The train is coming, not me, no.

The train is waiting, at the platform.
The train is waiting, for me to board.
The train is waiting, but I am frightened.
The train is gone, I've missed the Lord.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit enter,
Holy Spirit burn
Take my life & change it,
Capture & invade it
Make it sing of Glory
And tell of Jesus’ story

Flow through every part of me;
Enthrone Jesus at the heart of me
Lift my eyes to God above
And help me to reflect His love
Bestow me with your gifts of power
And see a Servant heart, flower.

By Face Up Productions

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