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Holy Bingo

Holy Bingo : learn scriptural truths about yourself in this fun game.

The card

This is a sample card to copy and alter for each player. (Each card must be different).

Matt 5:14 Light Col 2:10 Complete Philip 1:6 Perfected John1:12 God's Child Col 1:14 Redeemed
John 15:16 Chosen Philip 4:13 Do all Philip 3:20 Citizen John 15:15 Friend Eph 1:5 Adopted
1 Cor 3:16 Temple Roms 8:1 Free 2Tim 1:7 Sound Mind Rom 5:1 Justified 1Cor 12:27 Belong
2 Cor 6:1 Worker Roms 3:28 For Good Heb 4:16 Grace 1Cor 6:17 United 1Cor12:27 Member
Eph 2:10 God's 2Cor 1:22 Sealed 1John 5:18 Of God Eph 1:1 A Saint Acts 1:8 Witness

The Powerpoint

To play Holy Bingo, play the accompanying powerpoint (download from here). The first person to complete a line wins.