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Filming Services

Promotional Video

In this high tech world, a promotional video can go a long way to enhancing your website or advertising campaign. Face Up Productions offers tailor made packages for all types of groups, bands and churches. We film your location, your facilities & your music. Then, along with any home movies or still photos you have, we create a truly professional image.

Services & Talks

Do you need to record a special service or sermon? Have you an Alpha style Course or Home Groups that would benefit from a video presentation? Then let Face Up Productions capture this in full high definition.

Drama Skits or Full Plays

If you have budding dramatists wanting to capture a live show or film a skit for a service then Face Up Productions is the perfect partner to create an artistic masterpiece. For years we have been producing drama videos with "have a go" type actors. You will be amazed at the result of a pre recorded drama, no fumbled lines or poor projection. Just record the lines in as many takes as are required & then let us edit the best takes together. In one session a professional looking short drama can be recorded by all ages & standards.

Filming Workshops

Is there a small group of you that would like to learn how to do it yourselves? If you have the equipment but not the skills or experience then a professional consultation may be the thing for you. Face Up Productions can come and lend a hand to your project. Teach basic filming & editing techniques. Bounce your ideas off an old timer and develop together.

Prices: Each project or assignment will be individually priced but can start from a little as 150.

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